Pop up advertisements That really slowed this site

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Jun 4, 2013
I was wondering why all of the sudden this site started a long, slow load, and now I see all of the ads popping up. So that is probably why. Too bad because this used to be a site that came up without delay.
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I just logged on and got this blank pop up at the bottom. My ad blocker cleared the ad but the window and the X take up space. It’s annoying.
Yea, I am not happy about these ads. I can already tell I won't be visiting as often. Makes this site feel like a bloated, fake site. And no, that's not fake news.
Same here, happened suddenly this morning here. Thinking maybe something to do with huge Windows 10 update and Edge browser. Am updating desktop now, taking some time. See if after updating makes a difference with ads and bog down.
We are trying some ads with FirstImpression. The ad above Recent Topics and the ad between the third and fourth post in a thread are annoying and I've turned them off. If BITOG continues to load slow PLEASE LET ME KNOW. We will not tolerate slowness. Wayne
I can say with certainty that using this site with a iPhone is a pain now. If the screen gets enlarged so does that ad. Makes the site almost useless. As I type this I am trying to avoid touching the ad box.
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Yep, using it on the phone is nearly unreadable...
Is it still slow now that I've turned off the two banners? When I load on my phone, I only get a small non-scaling add at the footer that I can close.
Wow, it's like some people have never used the Internet before. Ads are a part of online life. There are ways to reduce them or avoid them all together but they pay the site's bills. BITOG is about as clean and blissfully no-frills as it gets. How anyone can complain about an ad or three in here is beyond me.
Some of us do not want to be bothered. It’s a personal preference. You like ads. Go ahead and click away.
I never goto bitog(or any forums) on my phone now unless I use a browser that blocks ads automatically.. They choke out my snapdragon 835 powered galaxy s8.. let alone a value smartphone. The "adblock browser" works pretty good on the phone.
Originally Posted By: DuckRyder
Yep, using it on the phone is nearly unreadable...
Using BITOG on my phone, Android and Chrome browser, I don't see any ads at all. I don't remember installing any ad blocker on my phone either.
I use my phone most of the time and these ads are a pain. I won't be on as much if I have to fight billboards.
I'm surfing with Firefox and uBlock Origin installed,and I don't see any ads at all (laptop), both before and after logging in.
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