Plug a power strip into a surge protector? - Hear me out!

I’m not saying it’s the correct thing to do, but I had a small desktop space heater plugged into a power strip shared with my radio and phone charger that was subsequently plugged into a 10ft extension cord at work (my hands used to be in coolant all day, they’d get cold in the winter) and everything was fine. You’ll be perfectly fine with what you’re doing.
Simple reply from Degree in Electrical, Mechanical and Aeronautical , it works
Did that . Plugged cheap power strip ( 6 outlets ? ) into Belkin 10 outlet surge protector w/ 60db filtration . No issues . No longer using the strip .
Weird. It would work...

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But this is more like what I had in mind.

I'll be fine it seems, no matter the method or device. But in a strange turn of events, I may not need to improvise now. Looks like I may be replacing my 2.1 system with a new that is far superior, but more importantly one that has a power switch. Need to confirm a few things and compare first.