Phillips 76 oil?

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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
Our local grocery store sells "Phillips 76 motor oil) for 98 cents a quart, it comes in a white bottle with "76" logo like the gas station, I was wondering if anyone here has used it before? Thanks
Well, I've heard of and used Phillips 66 oil, and Union/Unocal 76 oil, but never Phillips 76! Was there a merger I didn't hear about? [Confused]
Union 76 is a brand name owned by ConocoPhillips Corp. Kendall is another of their brand names. (Union 76 refining and marketing operations were sold by Unocal to Tosco several years back, and ConocoPhillips recently bought Tosco. Unocal still does exploration and production of crude oil.) Ken [ July 04, 2003, 09:18 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
One of our local oil distributors carries full lines of all the ConocoPhillips Brands - which as noted before are Phillips 66, Conoco, Union 76 (or just 76 on the label), and Kendall. The 76 Super All Season comes in the white bottles, Phillips 66 Trop Artic comes in black bottles. There has been very little reported here about the Phillip 66 oils, none on the 76 oils.
I have used Trop-Artic for over 30 years on various GM products and kept 3000 mile change intervals. I looked into the oil fill caps of my cars and noted how very clean they are. I never had oil related problems with these engines and always just got tired of the vehicle before i traded them off, usually with over 150k on them, and these were engines from the mid 1960s thru 2000. I am interested if anyone has similar experiences.
When I was the maint mgr at Dollar Rent-a-Car and we used the Union 76 10w30 in all our cars(fleet of 700) and changed at 7500 miles,no problems with the oil.We also used filters by a company that were made for them by Fram. [ July 05, 2003, 09:11 PM: Message edited by: Chris 2421 ]
Chris, You ought to post your experience with Frams on the Oil Filter forum under the thread "Anyone know of an ACTUAL Fram failure." They have had quite a row going on over there. Regards...
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