Penzoil Ultra Platinum 0W-40

I'm pretty sure it was a ready to go, off the shelf formula. I was told once there were dozens of them. It stands to reason, but I don't have first hand knowledge of that.
I first saw these in the warehouse around 2012.


There's no good reason to perform an analysis until you've completed 2-3 full interval oil changes. There is too much contamination from the assembly process that results in skewed data to make the analysis worthwhile.

You'll just be looking at numbers and discounting high silicon and iron readings.
I get that. I just like information. Never done it on a brand new vehicle. It’s cheap so why not?
Any API 0w40 from Walmart will work for your truck. PP or PUP are good choices and will serve you well. Regular oil changes and good filters are 1000x more important than brand of oil. Don't go down the rabbit hole of which is "best" oil. The "best" oil is clean API certified 0w40 that's specd for your truck.
I used the Mopar filter. Good or no?
I’ve always used Napa gold before.