Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid

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Aug 7, 2004
Hey guys, two months ago I switched most of my car's 4L60E ATF fluid to Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid, from Walmart's auto section, since I couldn't find anything that was directly labeled "Dexron-iii Fluid" I settled with the yellow bottled Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid, which is worded something around "For use in vehicles previously serviceable by Dexron-iii/Mercon brands". Came here and just found out about the Dexron- III licensing, Dex-VI... no wonder there wasn't any straight Dexron-III fluids in the stores. Should I switch to Dexron-VI now? Transmission is working good still, anyone know anything specific about this Pennzoil oil? Can it mix with Dex-VI? I'm almost sure I'll be alright keeping the Pennzoil.
I think you'll find great service life from the product you chose. I am only a fan of using DEX VI in applications where it was requried due to factory fill (basically starting around MY '06 and after, with few exceptions). Since we don't know your vehicle application, we can only guess, but I highly suspect your 4L60E will run great on the Pennzoil ATF. I see no reason to use DEX VI in your tranny unless you're not telling us something significant.
I wouldn't use Dex VI if your vehicle is older then '05. Personally, I've found that I really like the Castrol Import Dex III which is also spec'd for other vehicles, up to '05 for GM....I have the 4L30-E auto tranny, which is the little brother to yours.
Dex IV is backwards compatible, so you can use it if you want to. But unless you're experiencing trouble, I wouldn't change out the Pennzoil until you get some miles/value out of it.
Penzoil makes good products, I was just reading other opinions saying to use only fluids directly labeled Dexron-III or IV. The bottle labeling also gave me the impression that the fluid is Dex-III as it mentions clearly it is to not be used in newer 05-06? GM cars. Car is a 95 Caprice with a 4L60E driven by a LT1.
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