Pennzoil 5w-40 PAO

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Nov 16, 2002
NJ Has anyone ever seen or used this oil? I find it while looking through some older threads. I probably could have saved a few Benjamins by using some of the better dino oils and grp III synthetics like Chevron and Pennzoil. Both of these two oils are excellent and for the money really are the best IMO. I havn't seen hardly any bad Pennzoil UOAs or Chevron and in fact both have out gunned Mobil 1 and Amsoil in shorter intervals. So for up to 5k mile drains, these are two excellent choices. I'd like to give the 5w-40 a shot. I'd like to see Pennzoil role out some of their high end oils for the US retail market. That would be great. More choices the better. [Wink]
I've be interested in Pennzoil 5W-40 since I saw it at a new Autozone about one week ago (Yay! We finally have Autozone here in the Bay area). There are not nearly enough options for over the counter 5W-40 oils!
According to Johnny (who posts on here and has worked for Pennzoil for years), this oil is a blend of Group III and PAO, but is mostly Group III.
I'm not sure it being a group III oil would deter me from using it. I mean, I was using Syntec 5W-50 with very good results for about 100k miles. More important than it being a group IV oil is that it meets the required specs. PS: I've had too much Christmas leg and that's my excuse for my terrible typing today! [Wink]
I thought that the PAO VS group III debate was a thing of the past. In the above mentioned 5W40, what possible difference could the base oil type make? [I dont know] NOTE: All those who have not tried a group III synthetic, you opinion does not count. [No no] [ December 26, 2003, 09:08 PM: Message edited by: userfriendly ]
Originally posted by userfriendly: I thought that the PAO VS group III debate was a thing of the past.
[LOL!] Where have you been?
From what other experienced posters have said, and from what I've read, a well formulated grp III is as good as any PAO up to a certain point. For longer drains, a PAO is better. [Smile] [ December 28, 2003, 12:03 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Originally posted by userfriendly: Ok, lets put it this way... Who has tried a group III 5W40 CH-4/SJ or CI-4/SL they did not like?
Me. I briefly used Shell's Rotella T Synthetic 5w40 last winter in my Chrysler 300M. Not only is this a Group III, but it's a wax isomerate (Shell's proprietary XHVI base oil), which is a better Group III than the typical hydrocracked base stock. Even though this is a 5wXX oil, its cold start performance in my engine wasn't as good as Mobil 1 10w30. Start up "rattle" at single digit temps was noticeably louder with the Shell Rotella T Synthetic.
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