Peak Global Lifetime is being discontinued

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Nov 4, 2020
Just curious for the Peak Global Lifetime users out there, what is the longest interval you've had it in a car before a change out?

By the way, for anyone that wants to stock up on some, Napa has a 20% off sale right now when you buy 3 applicable items. PGL concentrate and 50/50 are both applicable. Be sure to buy online and pickup at the store. If you go to a store to buy (pay for) in person, you have to buy a $5 tool bag to get the 20% off your purchase. Unless you're buying something expensive, that can easily cancel out any savings from the 20% off deal.
May 25, 2005
UPDATE: I emailed Old World Industries ([email protected]) to ask when exactly Global Lifetime will be discontinued and they replied and said it's not being discontinued! I mentioned the Youtube comment and they asked me to forward that to them. Not sure what caused the confusion here, but I'm glad Global Lifetime's lifetime is not over. :D

Is there any way an admin or moderator could update this thread's title to "Update - Peak Global Lifetime NOT being discontinued"? I don't see an option to revise it myself.
I spoke to a tech at PEAK in August (asking if PEAK 10X was replacing PGL) and he said NO....he said PGL wouldn't be discontinued...he also insinuated that he thought PGL was the premium product of the two.
This is good news! I mentioned(incorrectly-my bad) that one is replacing the other.
I should have said that, one is replacing the other on the parts stores shelves, that I frequent.
Where I shop, Peak 10X is replacing LL and OET is replacing seems!
Jan 3, 2020
I think that even if Peak keeps Global Lifetime in production it will be largely replaced by 10X. With all the new Asian and European formulations from Peak, Prestone, etc on the market I doubt many stores will choose to stock two coolants from Peak that are essentially the same and serve the same AMAM segment of the market. Global Lifetime will probably become more of a niche special order product like Peak Sierra.