Peak Global in a Peak Green vehicle?

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Feb 29, 2008
the South
I asked here:

But either no on knows or has responded, so I'm trying to understand the compatibility.

Vehicle in question is a 1992 Olds 88 with the Phase I 3800 engine. Factory fill was plain Green coolant. Peak Green lists itself as Phosphate and Silicate free.

Peak Global is what I have on hand for my Subaru, which is also Phosphate and Silicate free, and says it is compatible with any cooling system.

Is there any reason I cannot run Peak Global in both vehicles, and if so, what is it?
Does Peak "original green" conventional really list as silicate free? I've been to the website and not seen it say silicate free, or even low silicate for that matter. Some of the newer original greens are lower/low silicate to reduce silicate drop out, a common issue with green conventional and thus the short recommended service interval.

I know of no reason why PGL wouldn't work very satisfactorily in your Olds 88. It's no silicate, no 2eha formula should be compatible with that system. Plus it has at least twice the recommended service interval of original green.

One other thing to confirm, try emailing Peak/Old World and asking if PGL is compatible. In the past they have been responsive to inquires of this nature as posted on this board. Quite frankly though, I think PGL would be just fine.
Good point. Yes best to do a complete flush if going to PGL. Likely compatible with the green but for maximum benefit, getting the old green out first would be best practice.
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