Parker 3-micron hydraulic filter cut open

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May 21, 2012
Fort Lauderdale, FL
This filter went through 12000 miles service on my Ram's 68RFE transmission. I kept it short on Parker's advice to make the first use of this filter a short one, since it's cleaning out a system never equipped with filtration this fine. Probably unnecessary as it went in with new trans fluid on a complete fluid exchange (cooler line method) and this filter is designed for much larger systems with much higher flow rates than the 68RFE.

I put eight 95 lb. magnets in the pan at the same time.

This filter is in the cooler line before the transmission cooler. The return line goes into a spin-on cooler return line filter mounted inside of the pan from the factory. I replaced the factory spin-on return line filter with a Fram Ultra XG7317, so my trans gets filtered both ways.

I opened this filter using a hacksaw, which would explain metal shavings. Made a bit of a mess.

No ADBV or bypass on this filter. Bypass is in the filter head.

nice work. I'd think you could let the next filter stay there for 30k or more. My first external filter looked about the same after 15k.
For sure. I was a little spooked by their "50 hours on first use" recommendation, but that might be accurate for the much larger and higher flowing systems this filter was designed for. This is a 20GPM filter. That's massive for a transmission of this size and use.

Got a nice stack of magnets today that I'm going to toss down the center tube.
Are these really needed though? My Santa Fe went 300K miles with just fluid changes and it has no replaceable filter and the pan isn't removed for the change, just a plug to drain the oil.

I mean sure it's an older type Ford transmission from the 1990's Tauruses sure but modern transmissions?
Needed? No. Will it help? Likely.

Almost everything with a motor and trans at my warehouse has a large spin on transmission filter, so I decided to give this one a leg-up too. Also, it routinely tows 10-22K lbs.
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I foresee a transmission that will outlast the rest of the vehicle.
Unless something breaks.
68RFE's rarely break parts. Wearing out 5-6 gear clutches and valve body issues are another matter entirely.

I had to replace the solenoid pack in this transmission due to absolutely nothing but contamination. The solenoids are very sensitive to that. That's my #1 reason for having this filter. Less stuff running around, less chance of ending up in limp-home over a solenoid pack issue.
Nice thing is if the trans ever does for some reason blow up, you can save buying a new transmssion cooler, since it wouldve captured anything going out to the cooler. The money savings there would pay for many of these filters Im sure.
Depends on the failure. I've seen transmissions go hundreds of miles ejecting shards of metal. Only thing that even brought it to attention was overheating due to the cooler becoming plugged. In such a case, the filter will plug, bypass, and then it keeps going.

What I do need to do is take advantage of the ports in the filter head and install a pressure differential gauge. Then, I'll know exactly when to change a filter, and if there is a problem.
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