P1404 DTC, 2018 Dodge Durango V6 but no check engine light only auto start/stop dash light

May 24, 2016
Michigan, USA
2018 Dodge Durango V6 with 81,185 miles had the yellow auto start/stop light illuminate( meaning PCM had disabled it, not the typical green while driver pushes button to turn off) in the dash screen while the wife was driving home from work. She was able to snap a photo but there was No Check Engine Light to coincide with this. I plugged in my code reader just see if any DTC’s were present and a P1404 (EGR sticking, carbon buildup, bad solenoid) showed up. I started it up two more times over ten minutes but still no check engine light, nor did the auto start/stop light reappear. I did NOT erase the DTC so it’s still there.

I’ve tried to tell her to turn off the auto start/stop every times she drives and she said she did this time. If it was manually turned off how did the PCM disable it?

She did take the Durango into town this evening after dinner and no more start/stop disabled light or check engine light yet.

Kind of stumped on this and thinking I should pull the EGR this weekend and clean out any build-up on it. Any thoughts on this?

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Ordered a new battery this morning and will install it this weekend, then I’ll clear the stored DTC and monitor it for a bit. Thank you.