Overheating how does it affect oil??

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Nov 9, 2003
Pacific NW
Had the same experience with my Saab 900SE. Head gasket rupture is the worst-case scenario, but luckily I avoided that and from what you described, you're probably ok. Your shop can test for that after they fix the belt (make sure they replace that doggone tensioner too, or you'll lose another one
) Loss of coolant in the block is a lot worse. You had about the best oil you could have in there for severe heat, but I would still change it after an episode like that.
Lucky that you had a great oil in there.

I always change on an over-heat, but if it's a financial burden, if it looks, feels, and smells o.k., I'd run it awhile longer. I'd shorten the oci though.

I doubt you did any damage.
I had the water pump belt fail on my Miata while on the highway in the middle of the Texas summer. It took me a minute or two to figure out there was a problem and get off the road.

There was no lasting damage but I changed the oil to make sure there was not water in it. Check your coolant overflow tank to make sure there's no oil there.

I was glad I was running Mobil 1 and Redline Water Wetter. It's impossible to say if those prevented a catastrophic failure but the extra margin of safety is nice in situations like that.

My water pump just seized on 12/23!! (401 E and Dixie) after 175k mi. (~280k km). Same thing...needle went right up in a very short time...I coasted down the 410 ramp on the Left shoulder in hopes to cool things off a bit.

I just kept going with the Castrol TWS 10W-60...looked fine to me after about the same mi. as yours. I just topped up and continued on after replacing the pump and belts.
Hi People

Yesterday comming back from ski trip one of the serpentine belt pulleys broke on my Saab 900S. Water pump is driven by that thing so the water temp went all the way up, I had to drive the car for about 2-3km or 4 minutes to get off the highway. What damage might have been done? I am using GC 0W-30 the oil's got 3000 (1900 mi)km on should I get it changed, or is it still ok?
Thanks for any input
Forgot to mention that at least some GM techs say that with an overheat, the new Dexcool type anti-freeze should be changed.

It's good stuff but is compromised with an over heat.

You might want to consult on the coolant needing change also.
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