Optimum No Rinse (ONR) - Who's using it?

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Dec 23, 2006
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I was just wondering, how many BITOG'ers heard of, or are using the Optimum No Rinse car wash.

I searched the forum and there is very little info on this product.

The reason I started this thread is that although there is tons of info about ONR on car detailing forums, some of it is too rosy, as a lot of people are interesed in selling it, thus they rave about it.

So I would like BITOG'ers to share their opinions and experiences with ONR.
I use ONR to wash all of my cars,excellent stuff.

Also I use it as a quick detailer and clay lube.
Used it to wash my truck this Saturday. Was too lazy to break out the hose, etc.

I like it well enough to use it occasionally, but will go back to QEW once my ONR supply is gone. ONR doesn't release the dirt from the wash mitt easily, I don't care for its aroma, and it leaves a residue on my hands which I need to wash off. Plus, I can get QEW easily from a local Camping World store while I have to mail order ONR.

Still, its a good product and nice to have available for those who can't bucket wash or don't want to.
I have not used the Optimum no rinse but have and do use DP Rinseless wash and gloss (formerly DP 4 in 1 rinseless wash)with good results.

If the car is not covered in cake on mud you can use ONR or DP to clean it quick and easily. Obviously common sense comes into play, if their is just light dust or after a rain shower to get the water spots off ONR works well. The vehicle can be pretty grimey, just not caked on mud and dirt.

Some folks use a garden sprayer or something like that and make up a batch of ONR and spray the car with the solution prior to washing and let it dwell for a minute or so before washing.

I use it for clay lube and just a wash. Have not used it as a quick detailer or water softener.
I use both ONR and DP Rinseless Wash and Gloss too. I will sometimes pretreat using a sprayer. I cannot say it helps but it is peace of mind.

The beauty is when you are done with the last panel or wheels you are done -- no hoses, no extra wipe downs on drips, etc. It leaves a nice shine compared to most plain soaps (like you went over with detailer). It also creates a Rainx like effect on the glass..water will bead off.
It's good to see that some people are using ONR.

I used it a few times before winter, and have been using it all the time since spring.

I am still perfecting my technique, but I don't pre-soak, as I don't have caked on mud, but I did use it on a pretty dirty car with no ill effects.

One thing's for sure, it's really weird washing the car first few times, as it feels that you are using just water because ONR doesn't produce suds.
I have a gallon of it. Ive used it, as well as salt away, depending upon the conditions as a pre-spray down. I do not substitute it for normal soap, etc., I use it to preliminarily remove junk from the surface prior to a wash.
I only wish I bought a gallon insted of a quart of this stuff when Canadian loonie was on par with US dollar, now the price went up a little, but it is still very cheap in the long run.

Once I use up all of my quick detailer sprays I will mix ONR at detailer strength and see how it performs.
I've been using it on both cars for two years with zero issues. I can wash the car in the garage and only leave a tiny bit of water on the floor. I use two buckets, 1 for the wash, and another to rinse the wash mitt out. I'll never go back to using the hose in the driveway again!
I use it in the winter. It's great. It's also great as a QD or Clay Lube. You typically can believe most car care forums. There's usually only 1 or 2 sponsors -- which may actually be trying to pimp the product. They are easy to spot.
The one thing that I'm leary about ONR is how the dirt sticks to the wash mitt(based on photos). I like QEW spiked with Z8.
Originally Posted By: wannafbody
The one thing that I'm leary about ONR is how the dirt sticks to the wash mitt(based on photos). I like QEW spiked with Z8.

Yep it does. On a dirty car, I change mitts during the wash. It is not much use using a separate rinse bucket since it does not rinse out until you use a soap or detergent to get the mitt clean.

That said, I have had less issues with ONR than soap (dealing with soap drying, rinsing, and drying) and no issues with marring/swirls.
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