Opinions on Lubegard Engine Flush

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Oct 8, 2008
The Peoples Republic of Washington State
Yes, Yes, Yes....I, realize that ARX is well thought of and deservedly so. But is there any feedback from users of the Lubegard engine flush? Lubegard offers the performance pack of the engine flush + the bio tech engine protectant. Just looking at other alternatives to ARX. Feedback welcome.
I've used their products in automatic transmissions with good luck. I would assume their flush is good, although I don't like fast flushes.

You can run MMO for the last 1000 miles of your OCI, or a complete OCI. There is a UOA with MMO run a full OCI in a police car and the results were great. A lot of members have used it, or are using it now with great results, myself included.

If you are a first time MMO user, I would suggest adding a pint 1000 miles before you plan on changing you oil.

I always liked MMO as well. I got great results on a 3000 mile OCI using 1 quart MMO with 3 quarts Valvoline durablend 5w30. Cleaned up the engine in a 98 Escort very well.
Give the lubegard a try. Maybe pull the rocker cover off for some before after pictures. Or, a before/after compression test.

All lubegard products are excellent.
Lubgard ATF additives have performed well for me . I am interested seeing results posted here on the engine flush and engine protectorant products .
I've used their products in a transmission and was very pleased. If their other products are like the transmission additives they're should be very good. JMO
Before I found this website and discovered Auto-RX I did use some Lubegard products. I did not use their transmission products because I have had manual transmissions for a long time. But I know for a fact that their transmission products used to be very common in a lot of transmission shops at least in the past.

I did try the Lubegard Engine Supplement a few times. I can't prove it but it seemed to be that my engine ran much better and smoother after adding it. But I considered it too expensive for continuous use.

I was very impressed with their power steering supplement. I had a power steering unit that squealed in cold weather. I added some of the Lubegard Power Steering Supplement and the squeal stopped permanently and never came back.

I was going to try the engine flush but in order to get it I would have had to buy it by a case. I could not get just one bottle.

If you do try the Lubegard Engine Flush let us know how it works for you and include some photos if possible, okay? Before and after photos.

I have heard some stories that some people are trying to buy Frank's Auto-RX formula. I don't know if that is true or not but assuming that it is we may well need some other product that can be used to clean up engines that have been in use for a while. If Lubegard Engine Flush will do the job well that is great. Otherwise I guess people could use Marvel Mystery Oil some hundreds of miles before an oil change. At least MMO is available at my local Wal-Mart. In fact I have a bottle now; I was using a small amount in the gas of my lawnmower.
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