Opinions of this oils specificfications..

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Old school. My randfather used to do it, rest his sole, in his racecars.. but those were flathead fords and they didn't know any better. I don't see how a detergent dispersant package is gfgoing to impeded break in. Leave the SA rated oils for squeeky door hinges and put a quality oil in from the start.
Has anyone looked at the spec sheet? What are your opinions on the specs and is it nessessary to have a detergent package for break in? The oil might be in the engine for 30 minutes.
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some old ND oils are only a base oil and PPD or a AO some like SA have NO Zinc and SB may have a little but can you say wiped out cam lobe????
stay away from Old style lube use at least a SL grade for brake in.
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