One Rotella for all?.........

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Nov 29, 2007
Happy Valley, PA
My WalMart has Rotella T 10w30, 30w, 15w40, and 5w-40 available. I have the following equipment.

1. 24 HP V-twin B&S(riding mower)
2. 6.25 HP B&S (push mower)
3. 850 series 190cc (6.5 HP) B&S (pressure washer)
4. 9.0 HP Tecumseh (snow blower)
5. Yamaha 660 Grizzly ATV
6. 5.0L MPI Mercruiser I/O

Is it possible to run all these on one type? The ATV currently has RTS 5w40. the push mower has a mix of RTS 5w40 and Castrol 30 that was sitting in the garage. The riding mower and pressure washer both have FF in them yet. The snow blower has what was left from the cars PP 5w30. The boat motor currently has the 25w40 merc stuf.(not readily available) The snowblower could be eliminated from the list by using the oil left over from the cars.They both get 5w30, normally PP but for the next time I got QHP and will be adding some M1 5w30 T&SUV (via rebates) What about the rest? Any suggestions?
I'd agree. If cost is a concern, the 10W-30 will do great in the outdoor power equipment.
The snowblower would do better with a 5W something.
Not sure what the ATV calls for.
The Mercury stern drive calls for 25W-40, so the 15W-40 or the 5W-40 would be the one for that.
I would use the 15w40 in everything but the snowblower. 10w30 would be fine there. If price wasn't a concern 5w40 would be great for all.
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