One oil for multiple BMW's?

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Here is another Problematic N55. And this is second I have seen this week with the same cause of tge problems:
Faulty oil change and he’ll ever since.’ll-ever-since..1431520/&share_type=t&link_source=app
Monkey's broke the cage off from the oil filter cap. IIRC the bypass valve is part of the cage but I may be wrong. Interesting filter.
That and I am not sure filter is appropriate one. I have never seen bottom like that.
If I could have a $1 for every time I read something like this.
Ya. The BMW technician who runs, soon to cease to exist site, would constantly mention the presence of odd filters in vehicles which came in with oiling issues. He'd show collapsed or torn media.
How many of those Beamers are on warranty? If they are off warranty you really don’t have to be anal retentive with the BMW oils. As for the need for all these “special” oils, one really has to wonder. Flame suit on.
Over 100k (202k total) on my out of warranty old BMW and never once used a BMW approved oil. The bottom end of the engine is about the only reliable thing on it over the years.
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