Old DodgeTruck - Oil Light on

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Mar 23, 2004
Upstate, NY
This is an old Dodge truck, maybe '86 or so with either 66K or 166K miles on it. The oil light goes on and the oil pressure drops off of the gauge during hot idle. Oil pressure is fine when running. 2. The truck has a very rough idle and initial acceleration, it feels like it's having a seisure. Smooths out a bit when it gets going. I'm thinking a bottle of fuel system or carb cleaner and a bottle of 20w-50 (and/or STP Oil Treatment) may help this truck out. The oil is at the bottom of the dipstick (a wee bit below the low mark) when the truck is hot, which means I can add at least one quart to it. Don't know what type of motor (size) it is, but may be a v-8. What do you think?
I think I would get a bottle of Auto-RX, and change the oil and filter, leaving room to add the Auto-RX. My preference would be to use a mineral 20W-50 oil in this older truck, which may have additional worn clearances. I am sure you will get other recommendations also. Let the Auto-RX work for 1500 miles and monitor what happens during this time. Good luck.
I forgot to mention, this is a truck I borrowed from a coworker for a few days to help my mother move into her new place. I don't want to spend much money on it, just return it in a little better condition than I borrowed it in. I just spent 95c on a quart of Super Tech 20w-50, and may get some Gumout as well. AutoRX may work, but it's not going to happen due to cost/time.
If its your truck or a friends, try changing the oil to a good diesel engine oil like Delo, Delvac 1300, Penzoil LL. All 15w-40. This should boost oil pressure and help clean out the engine.
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