Old B&S roto-tiller engine not starting.

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Jan 2, 2004
Me and the neighbor are having a bear of a time to get a old B&S 5HP engine on a rototiller to start, I've tried multiple shots of starting fluid with no avail. We changed the original Champion RCJ8 with a NGK CS1(J19LM equivalent), no go. I pull the starter off and I noticed the flywheel was rusty and so was the coil. Should we replace the coil and clean the flywheel with a flap wheel?

The carb's working fine, the plug smelled like fuel.
No spark. I've gotten the motor stripped down to the flywheel, but I lost 1 BB for the recoil. I need to find my 2-jaw puller to yank the flywheel off.
"flywheel was rusty and so was the coil. Should we replace the coil and clean the flywheel with a flap wheel?"

1st thing is to clean up the flywheel use some fine grit sand paper and clean up the magnets on the flywheel and do the same for the legs on the coil (I would try cleaning before replacing the coil) then change the points as well, that along with the new spark plug should do the trick for the spark. If cleaning the coil does not work then yes replace it.

Once you have spark make sure that you have fuel flow check the carb and lines and filter you may have to address those as well. Especially if it has been neglected and had old fuel left in it.

these small engines are pretty simple if they have spark and fuel then it should start.
Polished the flywheel with medium emery cloth and WD-40 for lubrication.

I'm throwing in a new coil and electronic ignition in this thing.
If it has the gas tank attached to the bottom of the carb. These carbs are natorious for clogging up, and may need a re-build.
^ it does.

I dropped in a new electronic coil assembly and it did run great but it started to bog down and stall. Do I need any more parts to rebuild the carb?

I'll try a fresh fill of Chevron tomorrow first.
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