Oil type for 2006 Jetta 2.5L

May 28, 2019

I just got a 2006 Jetta 2.5L.

I know the engine oil is Full Synthetic.

I understand the the recommended oil weight is 5w-40 but have also read in many places that 5W-30 is ok. Is this true?

Also I read that it need to meet VW specifications 502 00 and 505 00

I already have a few 5 quart jugs of Kirkland Full Synthetic 5W-30 sitting around however the back of the container does not call out VW 502 00 and 505 00

Should I use it?
VW502/505 is an extension of ACEA A3 and B4, which requires a minimum HTHS150 viscosity of 3.5CSt, there are 5W30 oils that meet 502/505, but this oil is not, it's API Resource Conserving/ILSAC Oil, it's thinner in order to provide better fuel economy and only has an HTHS viscosity of 3.2, will it damage the engine, probably not, but it definitely doesn't meet the VW approval specified for the car.
welcome to the expensive joy of european car ownership. while vw’s n.a. 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine, along with its n.a. 2.slow 4 cylinder, are fairly robust, it pays to use vw specific motor oil, or at least something as high end and robust, especially when a car is till under warranty, which this jetta is not. i understand that these two simple n.a. engines are included in vw’s stringent oil requirements, that specifically target its turbo engines, more for logistical simplicity than actual engine need.

i use vw spec oil in my 2013 passat at 101k miles with its 2.5 only because i have a decent vw dealer nearby and im in no position to change my own. i was needing to top off one morning during a long road trip and could only find mobil white label full synthetic 5w30, so added 1/3 of a quart and the remainder rides in my trunk. it’s dexos1 gen2 approved. no problems noted. i would rather have a full oil sump of something ok than be driving low waiting to find something perfect.

do you know your 2006 jetta’s history? how many miles on it? what is the condition of its engine? unless you have its maintenance records showing careful owner(s) one may assume that it was fed a variety of oil, including non vw spec, over the past 15 years. i dont personally know kirkland oil, but it seems good and a 5k oci with it wont likely grenade your jetta at this point in its long life.
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I changed the oil last week with,


$22 a 5 quart jug on sale at Walmart. You need two as it takes 6 quarts.
That 2.5 is a v. robust engine. I believe the only issue is timing chains. As for oil, any of the popular VW502 approved oils that you can get just about anywhere in the 0W or 5W40 viscosities. That 5W30 of course will be fine to run but I would just run the right stuff as it's v. easy to get and doesn't cost anymore.
I've owned many VW products. Castrol Edge 0w-40 or Mobil1 0w-40 which meet VW502 is your friend. VW 504 is also backwards compatible though more expensive. With the timing chain I'd personally do 5k oci and rest easy. The 2.5 is a great engine.
Except for Castrol Edge 5W-30 LL on Walmart.com for $24.04. It's a steal for a 504 00 oil.

Just don't buy the multipacks :rolleyes:
Oh lord. Do you really think I mean that?

A single quart of M1 0w-40 is 7.88 at Walmart.

Right, but there's no reason to have the rest of that big jug laying around if you only need one quart out of it, unless the car burns or leaks oil.

If it took 8-9 qt, then it would make more sense to buy both jugs. I just don't like having lot of leftover oil in a big jug taking up a lot of space. It's one thing if you have unopened bottles sitting around, but opened bottles sitting there doesn't seem worth it.