Oil to gas ratio for leaf blower etc...

I was ready for a new one so, I was still curious if I killed it or it just died a natural death. It was running great, then I heard the sound of crunching metal internally and it abruptly quit. Pulling the rope, there was zero resistance and I could pull it all the way out.
Yeah, more likely an internal problem not an oil ratio related issue. Probably the piston rod broke. 2 cycle engines are cheap, I see them at WM for less than $100. I wouldn't buy those because of built quality. The Craftsman trimmer (USA made-found on curb side for FREE) that I resurrected from death has much better built quality than my current Ryobi trimmer:cool:
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I buy used pallets of small engine stuff. Often they come with properly mixed gas and still have stuck pistons or scored cylinders.

Back with old vintage stuff, there was so much oil in the mix there was margin for error. Today at 50:1 a slightly lean carb setting or a minor air leak will trash the engine. Acetone and ATF mixed 50:50 will decarbon a piston and cylinder. So rich oil mix will not harm anything.