oil thoughts on 3.5l olds intrigue ??

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Apr 11, 2011
these "shortstars" are known oil user's...... this is my buddy's car, and when he first got it @120k it used a qt or so every 3k mi. The first OCI we switched it to max-life 10-30 (old red bottle), with that change the oil consumption was GONE ! the next OCI he (un-announced to me) went to castrol EDGE 5-30 full syn. during this run he got a tapping noise in the top end another rattle noise on cold mornings and the oil consumption returned............ all this time I have been telling him to give Pennzoil HM or T5 a shot but not sure about the HDEO in this motor. In his quest to "get that [censored] out of my motor" we came up with a concoction of 4qts of PZ HM and 1.5qts of T5, the PZ HM is 5-30 (for winter) and the T5 is 10-30...... after this the noise is gone and so is the oil consumption runs smoother and like a champ ! I figured in the summer we would reverse the mix 4qt=T5 with 1.5qt PZ HM... the initial reason we went with a mix was due to local stores having hardly anything in stock that weekend, but it seems to work VERY well. any thoughts, opinions, or experiences with this motor or thoughts on this mixture. BTW, the PCV is new
I've seen UOA's where Rotella T6 5W-40 worked really well in a 4.6 Northstar...might do well in this application as well.
I've used 15W-40 Rotella in a Northstar before (with 160k miles on it) bound for Arizona and that was a fantastic oil in it. The T6 5W-40 would also be quite good I'm sure.
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