Oil - Salt/Sand

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Nov 16, 2002
I'm in the Philly area, and we are getting blasted with snow today, like 10-12". Most roads are salt/sand covered. Does this fit the "severe" driving conditions category? I was thinking that driving on roads with salt/sand would shorten interval changes. Although, airfilters come to mind in these conditions and unless I don't replance the air filter, this could be when this becomes a problem. At this point, with a 100K miles on my car,(Corolla) I'm not too concerned. The car is practically bulletproof and would run on vegatable oil if it had too. The new Nissan Z looks very nice...might be my next car. Doesnt look nice smashed on the side of our snow covered roads though!

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I think the winter conditions subject it to the severe profile because of the cold starts. The sand on the roads might add to that too.
I think if you look hard enough, all of us fit under the "severe" driving category. So that's what synthetic oil's are for.
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