Oil rec to quiet high mileage Honda

Not sure a PDS is going to tell you which choice is better. However, HM 5W-30 is actually a bit thicker at temp...
Well it used to but Mobil's PDS now sucks. They used to publish HTHS which could be a deciding factor on which oil would be better in the OP's situation. Went to Mobil's site today and much of what they used to claim is no longer listed. So I have to say you are correct. When Mobil did publish HTHS 10w-30 was much higher than 5w-30.
I must be the only one at BITOG, that feels Diesel oil has too much detergent to use every day in a gas engine, i know engine rebuilders recommend for 1st fill. I would try Castrol.
I know someone who just killed their Toyota Corolla engine within two weeks of adding Lucas "Honey" oil treatment I advised him NOT to mess with. Engine was kia in less than 300 mi. Oh well. Sure it was worn some but was still running. Now its got grass growing around the tires sitting..
There are soon many myths out there regarding oil, having used oil tested is not a reliable method to determine it's suitability.
Start topping it up with a 30 weight oil till your next oci, then 5w 30. Higher moly content may help.
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