Oil Pressure Switch?

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Mar 21, 2006
Las Vegas NV
Looking for a new one for a 99' Ranger, 4.0. Go OEM?...or is aftermarket OK? Any aftermarket brands better than the others? Thanks
What problem are you experiencing? Sometimes these things are 'fail safe' meaning open-circuit=light on. Probably not all that critical, as long as you can see the oil light on before starting the engine.
What problem are you experiencing?
Sometimes in the mornings the gauge (so I guess I need a "sender" upon further review) will dance up and down wildly, sometimes it won't come up for a minute or two (gauge problem, not mine ). The truck runs fine the entire time. This is a "dummy" type gauge, not one that gives accurate psi. After the truck warms up, there are no problems, and even works fine if I start it up later in the day. The oil and filter are Amsoil, and mornings are not even close to being cold (as in oil thickening).
The oil pressure "gauge" in your truck is bogus. All it indicates is pressure/no pressure with a switch of maybe 8 or 9 psi. You need a good aftermarket oil pressure gauge.
You need a good aftermarket oil pressure gauge.
I'm liking that idea. Any recommendations on brands to look for? Would like a quality unit that does not break the bank (don't need "racing" quality). How hard are they (aftermarket "real" gauges) to install? I guess getting the wiring into the cabin for the gauge would be the most difficult thing. Any help on this would be appreciated.
Something like an autometer pro-comp is good quality without breaking the bank. can get from summit racing. electric or mechanical depends on your preferences.
If you like full sweep (about 270 degrees) on an electric gauge, AutoMeter Cobalt series has one. I have two AutoGauge (by AutoMeter) mechanical oil pressure gauges installed in my vehicles. Wiring for mechanical gauge is just the light. For electronic gauge there are a couple more wires, but I have not done one. You can get these fuze doublers at AutoZone to add a circuit to a fuse. That way you can get the light in the dashboard lights fuze terminal.
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