oil pressure light

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Jun 25, 2009
The 04 lancer now has a blinking/ sometimes constant oil pressure light at idle randomly at lights. So i'm told by the drivers of it. I dont see it when i drive, but i have no reason not the believe them. When i was told this, i instantly check oil level. It was good then and still good now, if anything it was low .5qt but that shouldn't be enough to trip the light. I topped it off. I dont recall what oil i last filled with, i know its 5w30 dino oil. Supertech is what i assume but it could be any sale brand oil. This is paired with pureone filter. Googling around seems to tell me oil pressure sensor should be replaced, AZ has it for $10 not a bad idea. Its about 1k away from an oil change so i'll do it then. This a common issue? Nothing else other then an actual issue in oil pressure could be the cause can it? The motor had a huge valve cover leak about 3 months ago. But i cleaned and replaced it, now it just had a minor one somewhere that i can see...
Could also be a clogged oil filter in combination with the low oil. Maybe bring forward the oil and filter change?
The sensor is a common failure point, and tendencies will support this conclusion. But I agree with Donald, you simply cannot rely on the factory gauges or lights if you want the real info.
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