Oil in the coolant?

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Oct 2, 2007
I have a 02 firebird with the 3800 engine in it 49,000 miles, It looks like there is a small amount of engine oil in the coolant. The rad cap had a slimey brown buildup around the opening and fall. I drained the old dexcool out and put new peak antifreeze in but it still looks funny around the rad cap opening. I also thought i seen a very small amount of oil floating in the coolant. I drained the rad and really didn't find anything in the oil. Can old dexcool look like this and cause a oil looking build up at the cap???? Thanks
I hope you put peak dex-cool, or else drained and flushed every last drip of dex out - otherwise new problems may have just formed...

Brown junk may be the "sealer" pellets that are put in from the factory, and it could also just be due to low-level evaporation.

Dex is claimed good for 5 years, max. You were overdue.
I put in peak that is for any color antifreeze. I want to put in Prestone low tox but no one carries it anymore.
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