Oil for Van Norman Mill

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Sep 24, 2014
I have a van Norman 22L milling machine. The manual calls for an oil for the gear boxes rated 300 seybolt universal viscosity @ 100 degrees. I have no idea what that means. Can You help?

Thanks, Rick
300 Saybolt universal seconds is the viscosity required (300 SUS) which cross-references to ISO 68. So you need an ISO 68 oil, most of which at that low viscosity will be hydraulic oils.

Go to a Farm & Fleet type store, choices will abound for that common viscosity grade.

However, having gone through a similar exercise for several older lathes & mills, any sort of gear or hydraulic oil will likely work just fine. We replaced the headstock and way oils in several lathes and mills with a common ISO 150 gear oil we stocked in 55 gallon drums.
Thank you everyone for the information, I will go with the ISO68 oil. I don't know why they just didn't say that in the manual.

Thanks again, Rick
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