oil for a `04 G35

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Apr 7, 2003
la jolla, ca
hey guys my g/f got a `04 G35 coupe last october for her first car/18th bday present (yea not so bad huh?) well anyway i did the 1k oil change with castrol gtx 10w30, then the next oil change at 3k with valvoline 10w30 and just yesterday a 6k oil change with mobil 1 10w30, i figured by 6k miles the engine should properly be broken in enough for synthetic. the car has the VQ35 (3.5 V6) engine the nissan/infiniti uses in lots of their vehicles and i was wondering if 10w30 from mobil 1 is a proper weight to be using. the car lives in so.cal so it had mild temp. year around and a fair amount of city driving (make that mostly city driving) would 5k intervals of oil changes with mobil 1 be safe also? thanks for any help.
Looks to me as if you've done and chosen well. As someone today observed in a 'what have I learned' note, lots of us have differing opinions on what's the best oil brand, but M1 is a fine engineoil and will do well in that.

If she moves to the desert, use the 10W-40.
wind, check out maxima.org to know more about the VQ35. The VQ's take a little longer to break-in. Definitely do a search for more Maxima sites for more info.
00, do a search under UOA's on gas engines and see what is working there.

Amsoil 0w-30 with Lubecontrol showed really well in a recent test of a VQ35DE engine.
Well, in San Diego I don't think the W number is a factor at all. In that car and location, I'd probably run good synth 10w40, or if you can't find one of those, a 5w40. I'd think you'd want the higher high temp vis given the fact that it can get **** hot down there.

It might be a group III, but some people have been liking he Syntec 10w40. That would be about right in your application.
I've posted 3 UOAs to date using Mobil1 5W30 in my G35 sedan. The results are far from excellent so I made a change in viscousity to 10W30, a slightly thicker oil. I'm in Florida so should not have been using 5W30 in the first place. I've got about 29600 on the odometer and a little over 7K on the current oil fill. I anticipate pulling a sample within 2-3 weeks, and will post the UOA on the UOA forum.

In the meanwhile, just search the UOA forum for "VQ" and you will find a few good threads.

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I sell new Infiniti cars for a living and we provide the first 2 years of service for free with car purchase. We use mainly 10W-30 Castrol oil in bulk.
The best UOA for this engine I've seen yet was with 15w-40 Chevron Delo. Check it out in the analysis section. By the way, I hope your not buying the oil for here car! That would suck to but Mobil 1 for your girlfriend and then break up two weeks later
Syntec Blend 10w-40, ACEA A3 approved, better than M1 5w-30 and half the price. Maintain mfg oci.
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