oil for 2.5 altima

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Jun 26, 2008
ct, usa
I don't know if it's just our altima or if it's all of them, but this engine is freakin noisy. There's a terrible valve tick until fully warmed up and even when warm it's still noisy. I'm running a nissan oil filter and gtx 5-30. I've tried PP 5-30 and didn't think it was any better but I was running a k&n oil filter at the time. Is there any other oil that might make this thing a little quieter? Ohh yeah it's an 08 with like 15,000 miles.
I think Nissan may have a TSB on this problem...something about the timing chain tension arm springs. Call your dealer and see if your car is included in the TSB.
I have driven literally dozens of the 2.5L Altimas from 04-09(Rentals) and every one of them ticks like no other engine i've driven, all have ranged from >10mi. to 30,000+mi., all the same. If they cant quiet the engine, they should insulate the cabin with super space foam, it is sort of annoying.
Evidently it has to do with a heat sink on your engine, Nissan is sending letters to buyers about the problem. Your dealer should know about it and repair it under warranty for you.
I also have a 2008 Altima with the 2.5 engine and 12,500 miles. I would say mine is a little noisy when cold (rattling as opposed to distinct ticking), but quiets down when warmed up to a smooth muffled throaty sound. I ran two 4k OCIs on factory fill oil, then one 4k OCI on M1 EP 5W-30 (with a quart of 15W-50 EP added). I saw no change in engine noise among the different oils, only engine temperature seems to affect it.

Nissan has long had a problem with heat shield noise, but that sound (on my wife's Sentra) was much different than the cold engine sound I get on my Altima. I fixed the Sentra heat shield noise my just jamming a ball of aluminum foil between the shield and the exhaust pipe.

Tom NJ
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