Oil for 1995 Taurus V6

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Feb 19, 2009
The Woods of NY
<span style='font-family: Century Gothic'>well, i did not buy the jeep, but i did buy a 1995 Ford Taurus LX, 3.0 or 3.8L,V6, 110K miles, What oil does this car call for? (or would you use?) 5W30? Dino or Syn, Im thinking a Super Tech synthetic 5W30/10W30? I do not know if these engines are known for oil sludge, Oil usage, engine/oil problems... Anything? Also, anyone know the filter size? Can i use a MotorCraft Fl400s, Or is a different size? Thanks again!! </span>
The car originally called for 5W30, it was back spec'd to 5W20. Either oil will work 5W30 is probably a better choice since the car was probably using it all along. My 3.0 is a little older and calls for a FL400 or PL 20195 filter. I had no issues with sludge but did run MMO towards the end of many, many OCI's. I also used A-Rx, which stopped a leak, and then I switched over to 5W20 oil. Mine is running fine on it, and actually using a little less oil. HTH
you will be fine with the 5w30 motorcraft syn blend exxxxxxcelent oil made by conoco phillips also pennzoil yb is a good choice with a motorcraft filter hope it is the 3.0 v6 that is a great ford engine the 3.8 has head gasket and sometimesn head problems...
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im a big fan of mmo we use it in our shop all the time
Good stuff, what do you guys use it for and how?
If its a 3.8, have fun with the head gaskets....hahahaha.. Anyway, any 5W-30 dino will do great. As I said, if its a 3.8 it really doesn't matter. Engine will be TOAST from HG issues before you develop oil issues.....
You could use dirt cheap generic motor oil and it will still outlast the transmission if it's the 3.0 engine. The 3.0 is one of the best ford made,3.8 is the problem child.
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