Oil cooler and sandwich adapter for atv.

Feb 18, 2023
I am installing an oil cooler on my atv (2011 kawasaki Brute Force 750 cc). When installing the sandwich adapter I found that my oem oil filter did not fit the adapter very well and had a small leak. The oem filter is too small in size including outside measurements and the oil seal is too small to make a proper seal on the sandwich adapter. The oem filter has a bypass relief valve number of 9-15 psi. I have found an oil filter with perfect measurements to fit the adapter and the housing of my atv motor and fits within the frame. The bypass relief valve setting is 12psi. My question is can I use this new oil filter for my setup?
Thanks. That was my opinion also, but I'm just a rookie at this and fumbling my way through this. Nice to know someone else has same opinion as me. Makes me feel better. Fyi, for all Brute Force owners. The Derale 25772 sandwich adapter does not fit the oem filter on those machines. Oem filter is too small. I searched hours and hours and found the Napa Gold 7046 a great fit for a reasonable price.