Oil consumption with M1 AFE 0w30?

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Jul 19, 2009
Detroit, MI
Hello Bitogers... One of my rides is a '06 Mitsu Eclipse GT. It is a 3.8l Mivec V6 6G75. The odometer is just over 74k at the moment. I've owned this car since it was new, and from the first oil change it has had Amsoil 0w30 oil. I believe it used to be TSO and then changed to SSO at some point. This current oil change was done inlate November '13 and the car was stored for the winter, and brought out in the spring. Ibused M1 AFE 0w30 because I needed something right then and Walmart stocks it. Anyway, the oil has a little over 4k of use on it. When I checked it tonight, it was about 1/2 at low. This car has never had ANY noticeable change in oil level for in the 8.5 years I've owned it while using the Amsoil. Is there something different about the M1 that could have caused to burn off some oil or something like that? There isn't any leaks, so it had to have gone through the engine. I'm sure I will plan ahead and switch back to SSO for the next change, but I am a little bit baffled at the fact that for the first time ever it was low. Is this common with the M1? What could be different to cause a change?
I have experienced oil consumption when changing brands (but usually from dino to syn). When this happened, the consumption tapered off gradually.
It's just weird lol I was thinking of maybe going to the new Pennz Ultra 5w30 and give that a shot. I haven't read up on it much though to see what it's all about.
I've never heard a good explanation as to why, but it's not that uncommon when switching brands or types (conventional vs synthetic) oils. Usually it'll resolve itself after another oil change or two, but a lot of people don't wait that long.
I've also had some consumption when changing brands. Seems to stop after awhile though. I'd bet that if you stayed with M1, the consumption would go away and your sump would stay full.
IDK I've used this oil in the past in engines with much higher mileage and never noticed any increase in consumption. It may well be that the Amsoil is thicker than the M1 and it could also be that the M1 has higher volatility than the Amsoil does. Other than that, who knows?
I only use M1 oils, and with both engines I now have the oil level never drops below the full mark in 10K.
I have used Mobil 1 EP in two cars(Hyundai/GM) and had consumption/loss of oil. One vehicle had a loss of 1/2 quart after 2K miles(2011 Hyundai Santa Fe with a V6)... Went back to QS syn and also PP/Ultra and the consumption went away the next OCI. The vehicle today has 36K miles and does not use any oil... I guess it depends on the vehicle. I do use Mobil 1 and also their HM syn oil in a few other cars and have not had a problem. Weird. LOL.
M1 is known for doing that, especially when first introduced to an engine, however with continued use it will most likely stop.
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Probably just due to the higher mileage and your engine showing it's age. Try Mobil 1 High Mileage 5w30
I respectfully have to disagree. This engine is as clean and tight as can be, and don't think that 4000 miles added to it is going to all of the sudden turn it into an oil burner.
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M1 is known for doing that, especially when first introduced to an engine, however with continued use it will most likely stop.
Weird... lol I just don't know where to go next. AFE wasn't my first choice, but the only available 0w30. Thinking of going to Ultra 5w30 and saving some money over the Amsoil, but more than anything just want it back to normal lol
Could the oil be sticking to the parts and staying in the upper engine longer making it seem low? When I put the QS Defy in my car it showed full. After 800 miles it showed a 1/4 of a quart low. Still between the marks so I left it. After not driving it for a little over a week it showed just over full. After 1 drive it showed full again and after a few days it was back to the 1/4 of a quart low mark. I did not notice the same effect with the Maxlife. The Defy makes the engine much more quiet. especially at start up.
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My sons 2003 Monte Carlo SS with the 3.8 V6 runs very smooth and quiet on QS Defy 5W30. It also does not burn any oil... Ultra is also one of my favorites along with Mobil 1 HM oils.
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