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May 30, 2002
When i dump my old oil at Checker auto, there is a sheet to list what brand of oil you are dumping. On a full sheet, there were about 15 Valvoline, 3 Mobil (not Mobil1?) 2 Havoline and 1 Castrol. I guess "more mechanics use Valvoline." Why no Pennzoil if it is the number one seller? Does Valvoline sell that much compared to the others?
I don't think there is any question that Pennzoil is the number one seller nationwide, even if that may not be true in certain areas. And Quaker State is supposed to be number two. Mobil 1 is supposed to be by far the highest selling synthetic oil.

I don't know where Valvoline ranks in sales but they continue to claim that it is the number one choice among professional mechanics. I do know of mechanics that use it but I know of two professional mechanics who recommend Mystik and another who recommends Castrol. Frankly I am not sure about that stuff about professional mechanics recommending Valvoline above all others because I can probably come up with a list of more mechanics recommending something else (Pennzoil, Quaker State, Chevron). At the NAPA and CarQuest Stores they have Valvoline oil.

Also, professional mechanics at garages are going to have waste oil picked up at their garages and you will not see that waste oil.
It seems like everyone i know that uses Valvoline does not know much about mechanics. They use it because there dad used it and they always see it in stores, so it must be good.
The reason Pennzoil is the #1 oil brand is due to the fact that it is the exclusive brand at Jiffy Lube. Jiffy Lube is the #1 Quick Oil Change Chain nation-wide! Jiffy lube is owned by Pennzoil/Shell!
I think on a regional basis, I do see Valvoline used the most around here in Minnesota. I've found that it pretty much doesn't matter what store you go to, they all carry Valvoline around here. After that, it gets a bit more hit or miss.

Same goes for the shops around here - seems like 2 out of three use Valvoline as the "house" brand.

Many years of use have been succesful, so there isn't a lot of incentive to change, I guess, even given some of their weaker results that we have seen out of the All-Climate lineup.

Nationally, Pennzoil is the No. 1 Brand, Quaker State is second, then Valvoline.

Of course, if you read this board, you would think Mobil 1 is the nations #1 seller!

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