Oil change Honda GCV160

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That's a good question Blaze. I don't know of any special reason. I guess manufacturers do different things just to be different. smile
Something wrong in the choke most likely, I have a GCV 160 2007 vintage with the auto choke, Always starts with one pull, after winter storage two to three pulls. Drain the oil out the fill tube. i usually put between 12 and 15 ounces of oil in at change time. What i like about the honda quiet! and very easy on fuel.
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No issues with mine. Bought it 08. Drain the oil every season and run it out of gas before storage.
WOW, talk about running one dry, drain oil, run out of gas... I store mine with gas & oil...
The plug of choice for that engine is the NGK BP6EV which is the platinum version of the stock plug. Same plug fits my BMW scooter.
My 160 starts on the first 1/2 pull. Oem plug. Exactly 12 oz. on each oil change. It likes M1 EP 10-30.
My GCV160 always starts on the first pull and it has the auto choke system. I used the oil it came with for the first few hours of operation and then drained it and have used Amsoil HDD 5w30 in it since. I may change the plug this coming spring, depending on how it looks. I always completely drain the gas in the fall, including removing the fuel bowl from the carb to drain it as well.
Use PP 10w-30 in mine, drained on the last mow of any fuel and oil. And as strange as no drain plug sounded to me when I bought it back in '07, I kinda like the idea of just turning mower on its side and letting oil drain. I can get to the blade for sharpening while it drains.
My Craftsman mower with a GCV160 will be 10 years old next month (manufacture date of 7/2003). For oil, it gets whatever is left over from the cars or a motorcycle. I figure since it does not have an oil filter, having clean oil is probably more important than exactly what is in it. So, it get changed a few times a year as I always have bits of left over oil: 10w-30 (any "name brand" dino on sale) 10w-40 motorcycle oil and sometimes a 50/50 mix of 5w-20 ("name brand" dino on sale) plus Rotella T 15w-40. After each mowing, I turn off the fuel valve and let it run until it starts surging, then shut it off. At the end of the season, I turn off the fuel valve and let it run until it dies. After almost 10 years, it still usually starts on the first pull. At this point, the only thing that I can see that might keep it from lasting as many years as my two cycle Lawn Boy would be the steel deck, versus the aluminum deck of the Lawn Boy.
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