Odd power cycling on Samsung Blu ray player

May 25, 2005
Hi all, I normally am able to troubleshoot, diagnose and sometimes repair items, However..... I have a 5-year-old Samsung Blu ray player model number BD-5900. I've looked up on forums etc but no help. It "boot loops" or repeatedly turns off and on with no way to stop the device. The interesting thing is if I hold the power button it stays off. Now is this an indication of the power button having shorted itself or damaged. Unfortunately there's no way to hard reset the device as you have to hold the power button for 10 seconds or so. Now has anyone ever been able to get something replaced or repaired for free or very little on something this old? All help appreciated.
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This is typical Samsung response. I thru away a Samsung player I believe was same one op has for problems that Samsung is investigating. I have a Samsung HDTV that after 2 years they stopped support for smart apps so I had to get a Roku. I still have TV and is now 8 years old which is now half bright. Samsung calls it half life and is normal. My 8 year old Sony Blu Ray still working as is my 9 year old Toshiba HDTV. Toshiba was a dumb tv as no smart apps. The 4k LG TV I replaced Samsung with is the best picture but worse software as tv will lose volume on HDMI arc until it is unplugged for a minute then back to normal for months. Warranty so far is if resetting fixed it then normal. Don't know what will be next as all electronics seems to be throw away.
Sounds like the power supply is starting to give in. Has enough output to start the power up procedure and then crashes. Pop it open and check the capacitors in the power supply. If that's not it, throw it away and get another! smile
I'm a little irked as Samsung stopped production of blu ray players last year. Streaming is convenient but you don't own the actual video. If Netflix removes content you can't view it any longer.
Open and see if the insides are dusty. Could be it's turning off due to heat buildup. Could be capacitor issue as well as mentioned above.
I haven't checked in a while but a few years back there was a thriving firmware hack community for disk players. Secret button press sequences to access hidden features and "Fixed" firmware's you burned to disk and bootloaded onto the player. Google ypur model number and Hack.
samsung broke it.. they are working to fix it.. nothing physically wrong with it. See article posted earlier in this thread.
We had that exact same model and the exact same issue. It had a disc in the drive and would not get to a point where it would eject. So, we pried it open with screwdrivers, gently yanked out the disc, and then flung the unit into the trash. Modern != better