OCI recommendations - 1.5T 2017 Civic Hatchback

Aug 30, 2018
Grand Valley. Ontario Canada
Hey all,

I am actually service manager at a Honda store (going on 18 years) and know all to well the dilution nightmares under the right conditions with these 1.5s

My wife’s civic has 173,000KM, I only run Honda bottled oil with OE filter and I’ve been changing oil between 4-6000KM depending on winter, or summer.

Oil currently is right on full mark with 4,700KM on it and only just looking a touch dark.

Am I changing this oil too early at 4-6000KM (2480-3720mi)?

It’s still got original injectors and has had 0 issues.

Also is a 6 speed so RPM is naturally higher then the CVT which seems to help mitigate the dilution issues. It’s also only ever had 91 octane gas and drives approx 500k a week with its shortest trip being 42KM (25mi).

Thanks in advance!
I have a 2016 civic coupe and use 0w-30 507 oil in it and premium fuel. I have 127k miles on it with only spark plug change and have changed the cvt fluid three times so far. It’s driven a lot less now but I change the oil every 5k miles and sometime in March/April no matter the mileage to get the winter dilution out.
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, though there’s probably better oil choices than the Honda Ultimate Synthetic out there.

This is also eye opening but not surprising when it comes to how credible I perceive service “advisors” to be.