NYS DMV blunder

Mar 21, 2004
Near the beach in Delaware
Daughter went into NYS DMV yesterday to title and register a Subaru her mother sold her at a discount price.

Daughter has little experience with going to DMV.

Daughter came home with a duplicate registration and temp inspection sticker all still in her mother's name. No new plates.

They kept the signed over title. In NYS the new title are all printed in Albany and mailed.

I emailed someone at DMV with a copy of the documents she got at DMV. They called my daughter and said they would fix their mistake.
She is 30 but only has been driving for 3 years.

DMV is a little intimidating and one assumes they know what they are doing.

And only the older mean ladies really know what they are doing.
Sorry to hear about your daughter's experience. Unfortunately, it not surprising.

I've found the best way to deal with the DMV, is only go to the offices that are located in the more rural, sparsely populated counties. I've never set foot in the DMV office that is located in the county that I live in. As a rule, in the smaller counties, you'll get better service... and have better odds of it being right the first time. They're more likely to ask questions as well, to figure out exactly what is needed....instead of assuming.
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No. But given this was mother to daughter I am not all that concerned.

DMV said they realized their mistake and would fix it.
Just curious, forensically, how they pulled the error off.

I transferred plates from my hyundai to an olds intrigue and they managed to issue a registration that read "Oldsmobile" in the description but it still had the Hyundai's VIN, and I didn't owe more excise tax.

Imagine if I hadn't noticed the "K" as the first digit... get pulled over by the cops, gone for an inspection sticker, whatever...
Our DMV entered the weight in kilograms listed on my Aussie built car as “pounds”. Registration here $ by vehicle weight. Saves me plenty every year!
Why did she "sell" it to her at all? I understand she got paid for it, but most states let you transfer ownership between family members without having to pay tax.
In NY within family it does not matter if you buy a car from another family member or they give it too you no sales tax.
Yike at least easy to fix.

My girlfriend once had her registration by mail lost. The town insisted the DMV would be place to replace and DMV said she would pay full fee $100+ and replacement.

Age 22 she wrote a letter to state Commissioner of DMV on license stating unfair. Her mom said write a letter to at least feel better. She was surprised with a call. Commissioner asked what time:date approx and what window and said she would educate her staff member who was completely wrong, apologized and included refund check.
I will say DMV in DE way different than NY. No real forms to fill out, they take the needed information from the documents you provide. Friendly and helpful. They print new titles on the spot. And print a photo driver's license on the spot. NY mails those items still.
So I contacted DMV by email and they followed up with a call and today daughter received new plates in the mail. They waived the two year registration fee.