Now what oil should I use ?

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Nov 22, 2014
Good afternoon ! I used to be a member a few years ago but have been off since then so I needed to reregister, so hello again. Back then I was riding a Suzuki Boulevard, KLR and a few other wet clutch bikes. Now that I'm retired, I sold all and bought a Suzuki Burgman 400 and a Honda Silverwing 600. Both have CVT drives, no wet clutch! I've read about 50 pages of posts but don't find what I'm looking for. I know that any auto oil will work fine but wouldn't an energy conserving be a good choice because it's a slicker type oil? I ride these bikes in colder weather because of the added wind protection so concerned about the flow of a 15-40 oil. Thanks in advance !
Sounds like a 5W-40 like Rotella T6 would fit the bill perfectly. What do the manufacturers recommend for them?
There are several recommendations. Book says viscosity of 10w30, 10w40, 15w40 depending on outside temps. API class of SG or higher oil without molybdenum but I don't understand why. pro Honda oil or equivalent, or any good 4 stroke oil. That about covers any oil ever made. Maybe I should stay with good old Rotella. Both bikes use about 2 and 1/2 qts and have spin on filters. I also ride both on the interstate at 75- 80 mph for hours at a time. From Maine to NY a few times a year.
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Sounds like a 5W-40 like Rotella T6 would fit the bill perfectly. What do the manufacturers recommend for them?

Ditto. Excellent for both scooters.
I guess I thought that's what everyone would say, so Rotella it is ! Thanks
I'm not at all familiar with the drive systems in these bikes, but moly is typically avoided because it can cause slipping in wet clutches. The slipper clutches the CVTs here use could be wet.
Cvt clutches are dry. Similar to that of a snowmobile. it's belt drive. this will eventually become the way to go. Nissan cars and some of the new Hondas cars have a CVT belt drive. They make much more sence because your rpm's are always in the sweet spot and your motor is turning a lot less machinery like the transmission. This is why a 600cc scooter will smoke most bikes twice their size. And no, I'm not knocking anybody's bike.
You are right, but CVT systems have greater losses than say a chain or shaft drive. That means less RWHP and/or worse fuel economy. I don't think they will gain popularity in these MPG-pursueing days.
I will agree that mileage does suffer a little But I think if you Google "CVT" in automobiles, You will be very surprised how many cars now have them. Almost every manufacture has them. I think it's because of production cost. Much cheaper to put a belt drive in than any standard or automatic transmission. and of course that's the American way, How can we make it cheaper?
I've been using Rotella T6 in my CN250 Helix. I just switched to Pennzoil Ultra Platinum Euro 5W40....just for the heck of it. It only uses .85 of a qt anyway so cost isn't really that much of a concern. No problems to report. It's the exact same as it was on the Rotella.

I'm not certain about the Silverwing, but the 400 Burgman transmission looks identical to the nearly 30 year old Helix's. It's all dry (except for the little smear of grease inside the variator )The 650 Burgman has a wet clutch.

Honestly you can use any good quality passenger car motor-oil brand that you like. It just lubricates the engine. It has nothing to do with the transmission.
Thanks, I guess I'll leave well enough alone. Just board now, too cold to ride.
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