New to me 1995 LS400 172k pics

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Oct 8, 2011
1995 LS400 172k dark gray/Tan interior, moonroof, trac control, nakamichi sound, heated seats, (I think all the options except air ride susp)
Garage kept 1 owner from 0-165k miles then sold Aug 2013 driven for 7k miles and sold to me Aug 2014 w 172k
no rust (lady didn't like the way it drove with bald rear tires)


i have a lot maintenance to do on it
here is the full thread if you would like to read further
ClubLexus Thread
Nice car. Had looked at quite a few within the past 8 months and test driven some. Mainly 98-00 model years. Very quiet cabin, smooth-ride, remarkable reliability with some known issues like power steering leaks and aging air ride struts neededing to be replaced on cars with high miles.

Congrats on your purchase and safe driving for many years to come.

I wanted a black/black of these.

Nice score on the 95 for chicago, no emissions testings. I've been targeting those.

Yea how much this set you back? This a chicago car originally? If so, i'm amazed that it had no rust.
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There was a Wheeler Dealers episode where they did that car, worth the watch if you can find it.

I'd also be interested in the price, but I'm fixing up three kids, no time to fix up a car.

Yeah you have work to do on it but like Drew99GT said it will go to 300k after: you change the spark plugs, valve cover gasket TAKE PICTURES, RedLine SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner, MoS2 with M1, Redline tranny fluid, break pads, head and tail lights, starter, timing and the other belts, etc...
Probably a good thing you don't have air suspension! Looks like a good vehicle, and it's still a benchmark IMO.
I came to this thread because of the title. I expected to see 172 thousand pictures, and I got robbed. Lol

All kidding aside, gorgeous car and good steal. Enjoy it!
Nice car, liked those. This is where the MB S-class should have evolved into versus what it is, IMO. Toyota plagarism at its best, and that is one heck of a car. Good luck with it!
Originally Posted By: JHZR2
Nice car, liked those. This is where the MB S-class should have evolved into versus what it is, IMO. Toyota plagarism at its best, and that is one heck of a car. Good luck with it!

At least reliability wise it MB should have been where Lexus is.
These look like great cars.

One of my friends has bought 2 of them, with one passed on to her son who is now putting big miles on it. At last count he was having vibration problems with the drive shaft. Replacement with new parts seemed to be pretty expensive. I'd have to wonder what a drive line specialist could do (repair or custom fabricate) instead.

I'm seriously considering one of these instead of a new midsize car. If you can get a nice rust free one for under $5,000, why buy new.

I think it'll go a long way!
To the OP, huge congratulations.

That is a fantastic automobile. One of the finest from that marque. The best quality from top to bottom was standard on the early generation big LS. They were still making a name against the big Germans then, and spared no expense on them.

At that mileage, it's just broken in.

You should send a fruit basket to the seller, as you stole it.

All the best with it.
So I got started late this afternoon and this is what I found....

Quite possibly the dirtiest radiator ever?

Ohh Shiiiii !!!
I knew the timing belt and small cracks but I didn't know it had actual chunks coming off the back... this thing was literally on the verge of snapping.

Shot showing RH cam time and crank time

Shot showing LH cam time, ^^^ the RH cam has much clearer marks

A shot showing my PITA P/S leak

Overall getting this far wasn't too bad.
Intake/resonator was practically glued onto the throttle body.
The worst part was that blasted PS fluid on everything lol (what is the best way to clean that stuff off?)
The water bypass pipe was a pain to slip the RH timing cover around.. I thought I was gonna crack it off.
A few of the dumb little electrical connectors that slide onto metal holders have broken, mb i will put them back on and put a couple wraps of electrical tape on them?
The alternator has a decent amount of PS fluid on it, Im not sure how much is condemning, ill get a shot of that tomorrow.
Crank bolt came out with impact after about 4 hits. Just a stubby 1/2 drive impact. I didn't even hold the pulley. I was a bit worried but the crank/time didn't even budge. (my pulley holder isn't here yet...inpatient i guess)
It doesn't come until tuesday and I guess i cant install the crank bolt without it.
I have the crank bolt out as per the tutorial ready to finish the removal tomorrow
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