New shocks for F150?

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Aug 17, 2014
I have a 2000 F150 4x2. Who makes the best shocks for the money? Also, I'm curious what the labor cost would be to have someone install all 4 new shocks?
Depends on your usage and budget. Not hauling loads or towing-Monroe. Towing-heavy loads? I would look at Bilstein-probably the 4600s. Maybe someone else can chime in on the installation costs.
I tow. trailer and equipment total is 2,000. Not a full time towing basis.
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+1 on the Bilstein, they ride and handle perfectly in the F150 and they last, best shock I ever put in one. I don't have the book in front of me but they are not difficult on this one I would figure about an hour labor.
I have the Monroe Gas Magnum on the front and Gabriel Ultra on the rear of mine. I noticed no difference in ride when I swapped out the rear with 170,000 miles on them. The Monroe on the front made a big difference, rides smooth.
I only want to buy the best for my truck. So money is nothing.
I've always had good luck with KYB Shocks. However, if it was my truck I would go with Bilstein 4100 if you are leaving it stock height and 5100 if you are going to raise the front.
The only this Ive done to my truck was lower the rear with 2 inch shackles. No 4x4 or off roading for me. Street driving only. So monroe shocks are no good?
If money is no object, Bilstein or Sachs. KYB is a good compromise. Shocks on an F-150 are a decent DIY job, you could pay a shop $200-350 for labor - depending on the hourly labor rate of the shop and if they are going by straight time or book(flat-rate).
Bilstein is the best. You can get them at a good price on If you deem them too expensive, other good options are KYB MonoMax, Monroe Reflex, and Gabriel Max Control
Bilsteins ride good. I've had 2 or 3 blow on me but by and large they're good. Check , they're based in FL, used to order from them when I lived in Tampa.
Gabriels are good, Bilsteins are better but cost more. I am running Rough Country's newer Nitrogen charged shocks and they compare to Bilstein but are much cheaper.
I like KYB Gas-A-Just. Just a hair firmer than OE and hold up really well. Put a set of those on my truck and much better ride IMO.
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The only this Ive done to my truck was lower the rear with 2 inch shackles. No 4x4 or off roading for me. Street driving only. So monroe shocks are no good?
You are going to have a lot of opinions on what is good and what is not, but so long as you are not getting the $25 Monroe or Gabriel, it is better than worn out shocks. I am (and have always been) happy with the mid level Monroe shocks on many different vehicles. Are KYB and Bilstein better, probably, but not enough for me to justify the extra cost. If I had a specialty vehicle, then maybe so, but for an almost 20 year old truck, no.
I just new Monroe Gas Magnums on my truck from Can't believe how nice it rides now. Put Bilsteins on my Leisure Travel Van Camper and Gabriel Mono Max on my Roadtrek van. All of them ride better with the new shocks. The Leisure travel van is just so heavy is why I went with Bilsteins on it.
Old Man Emu shocks are great. Made for the tough outback. Have them on my Montero and they are great. I've heard good things about KYB and Bilstein. Bilstein are made for comfort. Respectfully, Pajero!
Is this a good deal?
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