New Honda insight is horrible!

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Nov 28, 2007
According to Jeremy Clarkson anyway: I have driven the previous civic hybrid and it's interesting I had exactly the same comments about that car as he has for this one. I have stated many times it is the worst car I have ever driven and for exactly the same reasons as Clarkson said. My comments on the civic hybrid: "but personally I would just as soon have a shotgun blast to the face as drive one of those whiny, nasty, noisy, Honda CVT trannys (o.k. flame suit on)." "Life is too short to drive a car like that! I rented a civic hybrid and that was one of the worst cars I have driven, EVER! It was a whinny, noisey, gutless nightmare. I couldn't wait to get out of that annoying PITA." "Civic had 20k and was an absolute nightmare. Whiny, loud, vibrating, no power, always rattling your brain at redline anytime you call for any type of power. one of the worst cars I have ever driven and I like Hondas and have owned many. " "but I mention that hybrid every chance I get because that is one of the worst and most annoying cars I have ever driven. Every car feels good after renting that piece of c.r.a.p"
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