Need some tattoo care advice....

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Jul 13, 2005
New Hampsha
Got my first tattoo today...not a bad experience at all...after the initial burn it was ok


Came home from the shop and after an hour took off the covering per his instructions...washed with soap and water and patted dry. left alone for about 20 minutes per his instructions again before I put a light coat of A+D....

This is where I need a little advice.....he said just to put a very very thin layer on the tattoo...I did and what is happening is the tattoo is becoming "wet" after like 15 minutes of putting the A+D on...working the ointment in it seems like a fair bit of color is coming up from what I have read this is somewhat normal the 1st day or so after getting the Tat...the part that is confusing me is I read that if a tattoo gets a film or wet over it, that is a sign of putting on too much of the ointment and your body heat is causing the weeping of the tattoo (not good)

I swear I am putting on the thinnest layer possible of the A+D and it still gets this wet film over it after 10-15 minutes....I dab off the fluid build up and then the tat feels dry which is what we are trying to avoid no?

So I'm sort of [censored] if I do, [censored] if I don't...what has your experience been with tattoos? Is what I am experiencing normal? Right now it has been maybe an hour since I put the ointment on and parts of it feel a bit rough and I want to keep putting A+D on?? I don't want to over moisturize as I was told this was a no no as well.

Maybe I'm being overly cautious as it is my first


Maybe its just your skin reacting to the ink and irritation ?

Same thing happened to my brother's Tat and it turned out just fine.
The kiwis that I've been talking to lately have some very impressive artwork, that is bold, and very very well defined. Most of the caucasians have work that looks rubbish after a few years.

The kiwis reckon that their treatment is coconut oil to look after it the first few days, then daily to keep their skin healthy and the tattoo "fresh" looking.
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What is that design?

I believe that would be the United States Air Force.

Nice work. Thirty-nine years ago I just used vaseline on mine. Main thing you don't want to do is scratch it while it's healing.
You'd fit in fine in my city! For me, I regret not using MORE triple A on mine. I used a light coat and it scabbed up very quick and took a lot of color with it. It looked 10 years old 2 weeks after I got it. At least it still looks the same 15 years later. My kids keep asking me why my "stamp" won't wash off.
My guy gave me a little tin of stuff called TAT WAX.

I put a thin layer of that on like 15 times a day for 6 days.

Everything went great. I am suprised they do not have a product like that.
I assume you aren't planning on transferring to another branch of the Service

Looks good, it has a 3d appearance.
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Got my first tattoo today...

It's a bit small. You could have had it done in much larger across your whole back and shoulders! Blue wings, man! Giant wings!
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