Need help finding new V-6 Pickup

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Oct 5, 2008
Buckley, Wa.
I've got a friend that has asked me for advice on which new pickup to purchase. I really could use some input from you guys so that his choices could be narrowed down to about three. Let me give you the criteria that MUST be adhered to.
No particular order:
1.Price...between $21 and $28K
2. Engine...V-6
4. Four doors, large back seat
5. 4x2 ok but will look at 4x4
6. Good MPG
7. Good warranty
8. Very reliable
9. Does not need to pull heavy trailer
10. Bed suited for small, weekend chores
Here are some that he has said he likes:
Honda Ridgeline...too much money though.
Ford Explorer Sport Trac
Suzuki Equator...he really likes this one.
Ok, any ideas or opinions to offer? And let's not turn this into a boasting match of Domestic vs. Japanese....he is just trying to find the best deal for his dollar.
Honda Ridgeline! Best out their for overall comfort, storage, fuel economy, reliability, AWD, and resale value. Only question would be how much weight he needs to tow versus the Ridgelines capabilities or any V6 trucks ability.
Go with the new F150 V8 4.6 3v with the 6 speed automatic transmission. You will lose one mpg in the highway over the Tacoma but you will get the power of the V8. Tell your friend to go test drive one, he won't be disappointed. You can get a nice one for 28k or less.
Will he consider buying used? A 2 year old F-150 could be around his price point with the features he wants and maybe more. The F-150 is a proven truck and someone would have taken the depreciation. here
+1 on the ford... The utility will be significantly greater in real terms... Otherwise, if he doesnt really want a real truck, just some basic utility, I agree on the ridgeline.
He is really wanting new as he is going to be driving this vehicle to work and back (60 miles per day) and wants to start as fresh and low miles as possible. I will ask him if he would consider the F150....but I think he prefers a slighly smaller truck. I agree on the Ridgeline. I told him how great they are (I had one) but he thought it would be tough getting one for under $30k (Seattle area). The Toyota Tacoma may be a good idea too. The importance of having a utility vehicle, a people hauler, and a comfortable commuter, all in one is the main thing here.
Thanks for some ideas...keep 'em coming.
The Suzuki uses Nissans 4.0 V6 in there trucks. They come off the same assembly line. Pretty powerful too at 260 horsepower. Yes, in my opinion Nissans platform is excellent and reliable
Most of the "small" trucks out there have become huge in the last couple of years. Forget good MPG, especially with the V6 crew cabs. They are right there with full size pickups.

I'm going to have to do a write in vote for the F-150 as well. A new 4.6 is capable of getting the same fuel economy as pickups like the Frontier. The SFE package F-150 is rated for 21 MPG on the highway.

If I had to pick between the ones you friend is considering right now, I'd have to go for a Frontier/Equator. The platform is derived from the Titan's, so they are pretty solid. They are nice trucks overall, but they are gas guzzlers. Also, Nissan restricts the options a lot. They love making you choose between packages. I assume it's probably the same with the Equator since Nissan is building them.
Hmmm...I'll really have to tell him about the F150 V-8 vs. the V-6 in MPG and how he feels about a full size pickup. My only concern about the Suzuki is long term reliabilty....but if it's design is already shown to be good (as in the Nissan), then I guess it should be a solid vehicle. The price of the Suzuki is lower than most but I haven't had a chance yet to compare the interior space with an F150. I would assume the Ford has more room.
Tacoma. Based on the criteria you gave that looks like the best choice. My Tacoma is a great truck, and fun to drive.
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FORD. Finest Operating Road Devise.

F 150

Found On Road Dead.

Fix Or Repair Daily.

J/K of course
IMHO he should choose between the F-150 and the Tocoma..Those are the best vechiles with the best realiabilty..He shouldn't have any problems with these.

I know he wants new only..But if he were to get one only 6 months to a year old with low miles like 7k to 14K miles he would save some bucks and in 99% of the time he would get a extended warrenty thrown in..

I really don't see how a Suzuki even comes close to those 2.

Down here in South Florida where contractors trucks are every other car on the road during the week I hardly ever see a Suzuki..I mostly see F-150's..In fact I don't recall seeing one being used for a contractor down here..

Most of the law enforcement down here uses Ford Trucks and they keep them for years..Plus they are not babied!
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Down here in South Florida where contractors trucks are every other car on the road during the week I hardly ever see a Suzuki..I mostly see F-150's..In fact I don't recall seeing one being used for a contractor down here..

Well, the Equator did just start hitting dealer lots. I wouldn't expect to see many of them yet.

The Suzuki is just a Nissan Frontier, so its design has been around just as long as the Tacoma's. There's nothing wrong with them aside from being practically the size of a full size truck and having poor fuel economy, but that goes for all of the "small" trucks except the Ranger.
New full-size trucks are a great deal right now, as dealers are desparate to move them. New F150's look like great trucks.
Personally I'd find a two+ year old Tacoma and go with that if he wants a smaller truck. Even with great deals on new nowadays, he's going to pay alot of depreciation as soon as it leaves the lot.

I've bought 3 new cars in my lifetime, and probably never will ever buy a new car again -- just me
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