need cheap filter for just 2-3 week.

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Jun 19, 2007
I bought the car and it came with aftermarket K&N air intake system, first thing I do is order me STOCK intake ( be here tomorrow ) and order me a AFE Pro Dry air filter ( be here in 2-3 week ), on the mean time, I would like to use a cheap air filter until my afe pro dry filter came, any sugestion ( fram walmart seem like a good choice ). thanks
Buy anything and run it for at least a year.

The Frams are excellent. 2-3 weeks is a waste.

Just keep the K&N on till you get your "better" filter....

Originally Posted By: LT4 Vette
A K&N filter for 3 weeks won't harm your engine.

i dont know why people are afraid of K&N's I have UOA's on current and past cars with Si levels always in the low single digits with KN's. makes no sense to me how people are so against those filters here.
My intake came today and I bought a fram filter for it, after take out k and n intake, I find out it not KnN filter !!! it some kind of dry filter ( look like AFE filter ), wonder why I got so good UOA report. im kick myself for spend all these moneys to turn it back to stock and turn out i got the best air filter in it already !!!!!!!.
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