Need advice on lubricants to use

Jun 18, 2022
Hey y’all I’m having a hard time finding info on lubricants to use on vehicles, I tried searching and can’t seem to find the topic I’m looking for. If I missed a previous post could you link them so I could look at it.
Alright so I finally got my truck I’ve always wanted and I’m really trying to take care of it the best I can. I’m looking for a lubricants (not grease, I have that) to use on suspension parts & bushings, door hinges, latches , & all rubber seals.

Mainly looking to help keep metal parts for rusting/seizing real bad & keeping things quite and best shape possible. Without causing more harm or dirt build up (Also I’m in FL , so do think I necessarily need a coating like FF)
For rubber I was looking at keeping the seals nice & soft , while not attracting a bunch of dirt or adding something that looks good today but actually deteriorated it faster.
I keep seeing mixed things about dry lube vs white lithium & for rubber I see some ppl saying spray silicone with solvents is bad while other praise 303. Then I looked up Super lube info And they have some compatibility charts and I noticed that some Products are not compatible with certain rubbers. And I have no idea what type of rubbers the door seals are made out of or the swaybar bushings control arm bushings etc.
Also plastics as it’s a 2019 F-150 , I’ve been using 303 for that and exterior wise it doesn’t seem to hold up that well
keep it sprayed off and coated with fluid film. That should do the trick.
For rubber seals look into the spray lubricants for rv slide seals. For rusting bolts, you are in Florida so I would just keep it washed regularly esp undercarriage if you live near the coast. My folks live on the West Coast and I have never had issues with bolts but the electrical harnesses corrode if not kept clean.