Napa pro select vs gold difference

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Jul 8, 2009
Lacombe ab Canada
NapaGold Oil Filter vs Napa ProSelect Oil Filter Comparison Napa ProSelect uses a coil spring rather than a leaf spring; a coil spring keeps better pressure against the end cap. The ends of the coil should be bent inwards to prevent damage to the can. Napa ProSelect uses metal end caps rather than the fiberboard end caps. The filter media inside the Napa ProSelect was glued to itself, rather than crimped with a metal bracket. Napa ProSelect uses a phenolic resin which helps to bind the media and protect during high temperatures. The center tube of the Napa ProSelect filter is a spot-welded, straight seam; other brands use a spiraled center tube for better flow. The Napa ProSelect filter uses a rubber anti-drain back valve. The anti-drain back valve is used to prevent oil from draining back to the crankcase after shutdown. A silicone valve is less likely to break down during high heat than the nitrile rubber. NOTES: The Napa ProSelect has fewer pleats than the NapaGold – 51 to 58. Proselect uses rubber anti drain backs vs gold with its silicone proselct uses single weld centre tube vs gold with its single spiral . Found this info. Maybe it will stop all the questions? Link not working but googling Napa pro select vs gold difference its the 1st link.
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Napa Pro Select was the old Napa Silver filter in another name/life.Before that it was Napa Silverline (1980s),and before that it was called Series 2.Basically its Wix's 2nd line filter.
Quote: The NapaGold HEAVY DUTY filters often come in standard, XE (extended efficiency), and XD (extended drain) variations: * Extended Efficiency (XE) - The XE filter is built with a synthetic media that filters to a more stringent micron rating. * Extended Duration (XD) – The XD filter is built to allow a longer time between oil changes by lessening the micron rating in the media. For an example, see the NapaGold 7745XD page.
These must be for different applications than every day road cars. Never heard of the "NapaGold HEAVY DUTY" filter line.
NAPA PROSELECTS are excellent filters, same quality as Purolator CLassic, and are well made, american made filters. USE them with confidence. Napa Gold is maybe better if you live in dusty hot desert southwest etc....overpriced in my mind. i use 2515 proselects on my 1991 mercury and no problems:) 1 year oil change intervals!!!
My napa filter I got yesterday is made in Mexico with rubber anti drain.No sticker that says proselect,its "tatooed" on the can now. Good price for $5.40 canadian. Think I will stick the the wix with the silicone for my cars and this for other peoples changes. Price for the wix filter at partsource is a fraction more but I would feel better running it for over 6 months.
NAPA PROSELECTS are excellent filters, same quality as Purolator CLassic,
Dunno, if they use a combo valve which most if not all NPS now use, I'll stick with the Classic with separate adbv and bypass. They way I look at, if nitrile adbv's can deteriorate over time and/or in the cold as compared to silicone adbv, so can a nitrile combo valve. Difference is if adbv is somewhat compromised in a separate design, all you may get is some drainback, bypass still functions. If a combo valve becomes compromised not only can the adbv be affected but so can the bypass, which is a more serious issue. So choice between NPS and Classic I'll take the Classic. Choice between NPS and Napa Gold I'll spend the extra and go for the Gold.
I just purchased a wix filter and both the napa proselect and wix are made in Mexico . Wix was $2 more and is slightly different inside,also has the orange silicone anti drain . Just my 2 cents.
The napa proselect does use the combo valve and rubber . Good replacement for fram and mototmaster filters I use on other cars changes and cheaper. Both my cars will continue to use the wix filter. Seems fun to look into oil filter options in my local area. Another addiction now. Thanks bob is the oil guy forum lol.
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