Napa Gold Or Wix Filters?

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Jul 23, 2008
New Jersey
We are changing oil filters in the shop from purolater to wix we tried a couple of filter brands and wix seems to be the one we are most interested in for a quality filter. Is wix and napa gold the same? Im pretty sure they are exact. Anyone know of any bad wix or napa filters? Besides being a little expensive what do you think of them quality wise. For too many years to remember we were using mostly purolater made oil filters but decided not to use them anymore because of their quality problems. What about flow how are they? Flow and filter quality is very important to us
Yes, WIX and NAPA Golds are the same guts, just a different paint job and name on the can. You going to use the any of the cheaper line of NAPA, like the Silvers which have the combo ADBV/bypass valve? IMO, WIX/NAPA Gold are very solid filters, and typically run 95% @ 20 microns efficiency which is pretty good. Don't worry about "flow" ... they will flow way more than any engine will need to flow. I think it's a good choice for a shop filter ... much "higher end" than any jobber filter.
Wix told me they make the Napa Gold and one of the CarQuest filters (Blue label). The Pro-Select filter line is around $3 for a common vehicle, the gold line is a little more expensive for heavy duty applications... You can't go wrong with Napa/Wix filters.
What about that other brand you started using after Purolator? I forget the name but from what I have read here you seemed to be happy with them. Why are you looking for another change?
They were ok problem was the filter said made in china and it just made us look cheap. They seemed to be an ok filter i still have some and am happy with them. Some things made in china are made to certain specs look at Hyundai they are made in Korea and are great vehicles. Problem is people see that andit changes the way some people think and image is important in the engine business.
You could use WIX made pro selects or napa silver filters. Might be a little cheaper and you can purchase by a master carton of 12 and save more.
cracyoildude - if you want Wix/NG filters (excellent products) at good prices, then check out and you can get some really substantial deals in bulk volume. They also now carry Baldwin and such as well.
dnewton3 is right, Fleet Filter has great prices for Wix/Napa filters. For Hastings/Baldwin, seems to have better prices in my experience. Last time I bought a bunch of them I got them for under $4 each, even after shipping. All were made in the U.S.A. The Hastings filters are the same as the Baldwin with a different paint job, yet they are usually a bit cheaper. Just a side note, I have no affiliation with either site. I'm just a happy customer of both.
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