Napa 1269 / Wix 51269

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Sep 20, 2017
This filter was on my 2007 Tacoma (A750F) for about 4 years/20K miles. The Toyota WS was flushed via the cooler line at 58,825 in July 2013, spin-on (1269) was added around that time. The pan was drained and filled with Valvoline Maxlife ATF along with a spin-on filter change(1269) at 80,102 miles on 4/17/17. The debris on the top of the filter and inside the canister are from me cutting it open with an angle grinder and cutoff wheel. I also had a strong magnet on the outside of the canister, it caught a little metal, but really isn't necessary IMO. The filter is plumbed in after the radiator, but before the aux cooler. I have one more 1269 in my stash of filters, after that I'm thinking that I'll just use the same filter as I'm using on my engine, a Thailand made Toyota 90915-YZZD3. I have also considered an M1-209 or XG8A. Thoughts?
Turn your grinder wheel so the sparks and crud flies out, not into the can. That big of a filter should last the life of the vehicle.
Looks good. Remember though that transmissions don't have the black carbon that we're used to seeing with engine filters. Trans clutch material is near the color of the filter media, so there's probably more debris caught in the filter than what's apparent. Still, I'll bet the filter would easily go 100K miles.
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External transmission filters excite me...don't judge.
So what kind of filter are you running?
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