Mysterious, Untitled, No-Sender E-Mails???

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Apr 5, 2004
Pensacola & Vero Beach FL
For about the last ten days or so, about twice a day (sometimes only once), I receive an email in my main Outlook in-box that shows empty sender and subject lines. It does show size as being 3kb or thereabouts. Suspecting the worst (virus propagation attempt, or some other form of intrusion), I have been deleting them without opening them. I do not use the preview pane, btw, so I have no clue as to what's actually in them. I have full anti-virus, firewall, and other protective utilities in place, operating, and all up to date. Anyone have any idea what these are and/or suggestions about how to respond? Thanks for any input. [Cheers!]
I get those too... I think theyre spammers that are just testing out good addresses... i.e. ones that dont get returned. JMH
I didnt see the screenshot before. hmmmm, mine dont say anything at all... no from, no to, no header, no nothing. One thing that NMCI does do well at work is keep me from winning the Nigerian lottery, getting the hottest stock tips, buying fake rolexes, and getting these latest no data emails that I get once a day on my personal account... JMH
There is a new type of spam coming. Text included totally within graphic attached files.(e.g JPG et al.) Spam filters cannot do content analysis, therefor they cannot block it.
also loading a graphic confirms to the sender you've received the email. Good reason to turn HTML images off, or set them so you have to right click--> show image.
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