My T.V. & sound bar adventure

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Nov 27, 2014
I bought an Insignia 55" 4K T.V.($429.00) and Insignia sound bar($79.00) in February. I knew both were cheap when I bought them but I took a shot. A couple of weeks ago the sound bar would not play from the T.V. Geek Squad at Best Buy said it was a circuit board and they would order it. Circuit board is back ordered to next year. Their policy is if they cant fix it within 30 days you get a new set. So I take the set back and get credit for what I paid and bought a Samsung 55"4K T.V. for $640.00. Plus $89 for extra warranty and protection. Much better picture on the Samsung. I tried to hook up the Insignia sound bar and it would not sync together. Took the sound bar back to Best Buy and they gave me credit for what I paid for it. I bought a Samsung sound bar with a wireless sub woofer for $230.00. No problem hooking it up and it sounds better. Lesson learned don't buy cheap house brands. Best Buy was really good at making it right for me.
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friends who like sound don't let friends buy soundbars...
I installed a 7.1 HTS in the family room and a 5.1 HTS in the basement(primarily for gaming and casual TV watching), so I'm a fairly critical listener. I will agree that soundbars often aren't an optimal solution, but I have to say that the Klipsch RSB-11 soundbar I installed in my son's apartment sounds better than decent- the small wireless sub helps a lot. In any case, in an aprtment listening to movies at reference levels isn't going to happen.
We have a Bose outlet store at the mall near the house. They have some really neat soundbars with multiple drivers. For me the day of amps, and tower speakers is long over. I need something I can play TV sound and bluetooth audio to also. Yamaha also makes a real nice sound bar for around 200 bucks.
The saga continues. But in a good way. I checked Best Buys site and saw that the T.V. and sound bar were marked down a lot. I went there today and got $178.00 refunded to my credit card. Score one for the little guy.
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I was wondering if you saw their ad, a lot of name brand sound bars on sale right now, this is a good one too, not sure how long it will last, saw it a few days ago, $149. Click, Klipsch Sound bar
Klipsch products are very good. But I wanted to go Samsung to Samsung.
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